Finance4Learning & Quotanda Announce Partnership Northwestern Europe

Finance4Learning, financial experts in the Learning and Development sector and Quotanda, the top global student ‘Lending-as-a-Service’ platform, have teamed up to provide cutting-edge new services in Northwestern Europe. The combined offering will enable students to realise ambitions, whilst driving sales for training institutes, colleges and universities.

Students will be able to afford learning at partner institutions through a number of financial solutions, including loans, Income Share Agreements and phased payment plans. Furthermore, students will significantly improve their chances in the labour market through comprehensive job-tracking and outcomes management.

JJ (Hans) VAN DER LAAN, CEO of Finance4Learning, sees obvious advantages of the partnership for training institutes, colleges and universities: “Especially in these COVID-19 times, it’s of the utmost importance for an educator to make training affordable and truly focus on outcomes. Students will only make the investment in time and money if they know that, once their study is finished, there are plenty of job opportunities for them. And students are looking for the learning provider to help them land that job.”

The combined offering of Finance4Learning and Quotanda will enable training institutes to generate more sales qualified leads, increase sales by enlarging target markets and significantly improve outcomes management.

“Both parties are delighted to have come to an agreement”, says Grant TAYLOR, CEO of Quotanda. “We have been growing rapidly in the Americas and are making great progress in Europe. The products perfectly complement one another and the markets serviced are very similar. Frankly, getting into a partnership was a no-brainer.”


About Finance4Learning & Quotanda

As an exclusive partner of Banco Santander, one of the largest and most respected banks in the world, Finance4Learning offers training institutes, colleges and universities an innovative and unique service on the crossroads of marketing and finance. The company’s client base includes many fast-growing bootcamps involved in software development and digital marketing as well as institutes offering a range of other courses. 

Based on its experience in the learning & development sector, Finance4Learning furthermore provides services in relation to business development and (often COVID-19 related) corporate restructuring.

According to leading education intelligence firm HolonIQ, Quotanda is one of the 100 most innovative and promising EdTech companies. Its range of products and services perfectly complements Finance4Learning’s offering to training institutes, colleges and universities. Quotanda is an award-winning EdTech company focused on expanding access to opportunity. 

Through Quotanda’s Lending-as-a-Service (LaaS) software and state-of-the-art outcomes management platform, it helps clients to increase educational access and improve employment outcomes. Since 2014, Quotanda has been working with clients in the Americas as well as Europe. Clients include schools, universities, financial institutions, foundations and governments.