Impact through financial aid

Quotanda’s custom financial aid origination and servicing technology gives you the power to improve the customer experience and expand impact while reducing administration costs.

Digitize and automate loans and ISAs with your target student population at your preferred educational institutions

We allow foundations to help more students by offering efficient digital loans and ISA programs.

Loans and ISAs allow foundations to reinvest interest and principal for future generations.

80% of students with Quotanda-supported financial aid couldn’t pay for their studies without financial aid

For 56% of students with Quotanda-supported financial aid, it was their only possible financial aid option

Quotanda technology and services help foundations to efficiently offer ISAs and loans online, maximizing their impact while minimizing costs
White label, your brand
Financial Aid Origination

Custom digital financial aid origination processes allow foundations to define impact criteria and offer custom applications by product with underwriting criteria, biometric, data and document verifications (your team or ours) as well as automated contract generation and e-signature. We also automate cosigner on-boarding as needed.

Loan Servicing

Borrowers have a log-in with an updated payment schedule and as well as payment gateways, automated statements, SMS, emails and telephone communication.

Foundations get real-time dashboards with applicant progress, portfolio performance and automated reporting.

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