Offer student financial aid based on future income with ISAs

Quotanda provides a complete solution for Income Share Agreements (ISAs) so schools can offer financing programs based on future income, expanding access to education and aligning interests

Income Share Agreements (ISA)

An Income Share Agreement is a contract between the student and the school. The student receives funds for tuition in exchange of sharing a fixed percentage of future income for a defined period of time. Because the amount paid by the student is based on income, payments should always be affordable. These contracts help reduce financial barriers to education, align incentives between schools and students and improve the image of the university, school or bootcamp.

Benefits for educational institutions

Increase enrollment

An innovative payment solution that help schools to atract the best talent.

Improve opportunities

80% of our students wouldn't be able to pay their tuition without finance.

Their success, our success

A tailored payment model, aligned with employment results and based on student success.


The student cycle: meet Pedro

Pursuing an opportunity

Pedro is keen to become a full-stack developer at a code bootcamp. Unfortunately, he can’t pay for the cost of tuition up-front. He goes looking for financing options.

Signing-up for the program

One school captures Pedro’s attention. They have a flexible financing option that allows students to study in exchange for paying a percentage of their future income. He won’t pay anything until he starts working but he’ll probably pay more than the original tuition amount.

Experience after the program

After graduating, it takes Pedro five months to land a job. During those five months, he didn’t have to make monthly payments. This flexibility allowed him to find a job he loves and to comfortably repay his Income Share Agreement.


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