Increase enrollment with
custom student financial aid

Make education more affordable with flexible financial aid options including 
payment plans, loans, income share agreements and/or scholarships

Quotanda technology provides an awesome customer experience and minimizes costs through efficiency
Digital Origination

Custom payment plan, loan, ISA and/or scholarship origination: define application flows for students and cosigner(s) including underwriting criteria, data, biometrics and/or document verifications, automated contract generation and e-signatures.

Loan Servicing

Borrowers have a log-in with an updated payment schedule and as well as payment gateways, automated statements, SMS, emails and telephone communication.

Schools get real-time dashboards with applicant progress, portfolio performance and automated reporting.

Join us in expanding access to education

80% of students with Quotanda-supported financial aid couldn’t pay for their studies without financial aid.

For 56% of students with Quotanda-supported financial aid, it was their only possible financial aid option.

Make education more accessible and affordable with financial aid.

Fill classrooms to capacity and reduce drop-outs with flexible financial aid including loans, payment plans, Income Share Agreements (ISAs) and/or scholarships.

Success Stories

Ironhack is a code bootcamp offering in-person courses in Web Development and UX/UI Design in nine countries in Europe, and the Americas.

With Quotanda's support, Ironhack offers loans and payment plans to their students around the world.

Having custom financial aid solutions adapted to their students needs in different geographies continues to accelerate Ironhack's expansion.


“At Kodemia, we had an important challenge, giving our students attractive financing options.

We now offer financing options with Quotanda and have doubled the number of students enrolled in our courses.”

- Leonardo Santiago - Kodemia CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quotanda defines the financial aid program with the school and/or university. Depending on complexity, implementations range from a few days to weeks.

Yes. While Quotanda-enabled student financing is often the only financial aid option needed, we also play well with others. In some cases we work with and or originate loans for lenders in partnership with schools and universities. In other cases, the Quotanda-enabled financial aid option is an additional option for institutions to enroll students that were rejected by traditional lenders and are unable to enroll, or to stay in school, without financial aid.

Quotanda analyzes student risk profiles to minimize defaults. In addition Quotanda’s team services student loan portfolios with a student-centric approach. In the case that payment obligations cannot be solved with a friendly agreement, Quotanda has partnerships with collections agencies in over 100 countries. 

We work with all types of lenders including schools, universities, foundations and governments around the world. Typically the university or the school offers students loans or payment plans directly. We also sometimes work with schools and investor partners. 

Quotanda helps our clients to increase student application, conversion and retention rates while improving the customer experience and reducing administration costs.

Quotanda manages digital origination and servicing so that so our clients don’t need to hire a dedicated team and/or to build any tech. In some cases our role is to make existing financial aid teams more efficient.

We often advise our clients on how to optimize their financial aid programs based on their goals. For example we often improve and automate credit analysis, including the use of alternative data, to increase conversion rates and minimize default rates.

In many cases additional financial aid is only provided to students that are rejected by traditional lenders and/or scholarship providers.

The school or university decides what terms should be offered to students. Quotanda can provide recommendations but the custom financing program is adapted to your needs. 

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