Launch student financing programs with Quotanda's Lending as a Service Technology

White label loan origination and servicing

No need to build own technology or hire specialists in student loans
Student Loan Origination

Custom loan origination process: define underwriting criteria and document verification, automated contract generation, e-signature. Process to onboard cosigners out of the box.

Student Loan Servicing

Automated statements, SMS communication, real time dashboards with portfolio performance.

Join us in expanding access to education

80% of our borrowers couldn’t pay for their studies without financing.

For 56% of borrowers, Quotanda's financing program was their only possible financing option.


TeM offers student loans for students attending the best universities in Mexico and abroad.
With Quotanda, TeM was able to offer a simple, fast and transparent online process to originate and service its student loans.

Accede Educación offers Educational Financing programs that promotes the development of students and professionals.

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