Finance <Academia de Código_> now, pay when you get a job.
Benefits for your education

Finance your tuition

Finance your education at <Academia de Código_> via an Income Share Agreement (ISA). You just pay an upfront inicial payment of 500€.

Pay later

Upon completion of the bootcamp, you’ll pay a percentage of your income for a fixed period of time but only once you have a job and your income is above the minimum threshold.

Only if employed

There’s a cap of 6,500€ on the amount you will pay. No interest will be charged and a guarantee is not required.

Income Share Agreements (ISA)

At <Academia de Código_>, we want to support you to accelerate your career and boost your earnings. To apply for an Income Share Agreement (ISA) you’ll need to pass the admission process of and to meet the following requirements: be unemployed OR have unfavorable economic conditions.

An example: Meet Pedro 🧑‍🎓
Pursuing an opportunity

Pedro is interested in studying in a coding bootcamp, an area in which there are great work opportunities, unfortunately he does not have enough funds to pay for tuition. He searches for payment plans in schools and loans at banks.

Registration in the program

<Academia de Código_> captures Pedro’s attention, the school has a flexible financing program which allow him to attend in exchange for a percentage (%) of his future income.

Experience after the program

After graduating Pedro takes 3 months to find a job, he is happy because during that time he does not have to make payments. This flexibility allows him to find a job in a large company and repay the tuition comfortably.

get a job

Pedro started working and has an annual gross salary of 13,000€, he will have to pay 7% of his monthly salary, that is 76€ per month. If his salary stays the same for 48 months, his payments will sum in a total payment of 3,648€. 

Let's see how it works
Our process is simple
Payments and deferrals
An overview of the transactions

% Of payment based on salary


% of your annual income

Gross annual salary

Monthly payments 

Number of payments

Total to pay

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Eligibility Criteria for the Income Share Agreement (ISA)

✔️Pass the Bootcamp admission process

✔️Portuguese Nationality or permanent resident

✔️Of legal age (18) when signing the contract

Additionally, you will need to demonstrate at least ONE of the following requirements
Being unemployed

You must be registered as unemployed in Portugal.

Have unfavorable economic conditions

You must provide your last personal income tax, in case you do not have it, provide that of your family unit. The income per person in your family unit must be less than or equal to the national minimum salary of 2019 (8,400€).

Example 1: If there is only one person in your family unit (the bootcamp candidate) you will be able to access the ISA if you can show you earn 8,400€ or less per year.

Example 2: If your family unit is 3 people earning in total less than or equal to 25,200€ you will be able to access the ISA.

*To qualify, you will need to provide your last personal income tax return. In case you do not have a personal income tax return, you will need to provide your family’s income tax return(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

An Income Share Agreement (or ISA) is an agreement between the school and the student in which the student does not pay tuition in exchange for paying the school a percentage of their future income for a certain time if you meet the minimum employability criteria. ISA’s are neither a credit nor a loan.

The payment obligation ends when one of the following scenarios is met:

  • The total payment has reached the maximum ISA amount to pay (6,500€)
  • You have completed the required number of payments (48)
  • You have reached the final payment date indicated in the contract (54 months)

Income Share Agreements (ISAs) are more flexible in their repayment terms and are tailored to the circumstances of the student’s income throughout the repayment period. Repayments in an ISA are based on a percentage of the student’s income and not in a fixed amount.

The monthly payment amounts are calculated as a percentage (%) of the salary (1/12 of the gross annual salary). Quotanda will provide you statements with the information needed to make the payments.

The obligation to pay and the amount will be determined on a monthly basis.

If you can’t find a job, or earn less than 13,000€ gross per year (1,083.33€ gross per month in 12 payments), you won’t have to pay anything. Payments will resume once earnings exceed that amount.

After graduation, you have to start paying as soon as you get a job. The payment period begins as soon as you start working at a job that pays over 13,000€ gross per year.

If you cannot find a job in this period of time, you must justify that you are actively looking for a job.

Yes. You can pay the remaining amount of the ISA at any point, in full or in part. You will never pay any interests or fees.

According to the school’s policy, if the student was admitted and paid the deposit, the full amount of the ISA will have to be paid.

No, you can work in any field you want. However, the team can help you find a a job in tech and will support you in your job search.

If you decide to go to work abroad you’ll just need to send the details of your payroll so that we can calculate the corresponding monthly payment.

When you reach the maximum payment number or with the Final Payment Date, whichever comes first.

General Concepts
Amount of the Income Share Agreement (ISA)

Tuition amount that the Bootcamp will advance to the student for the cost of the program; The difference between the price of the program and the ISA amount will be the “Initial Payment” that the student will make to the bootcamp.

Maximum ISA amount

Is the maximum aggregate amount that the student must pay to the bootcamp during the life of the ISA.

Income Share

Is the percentage (%) of income that the student must share with the bootcamp to repay the ISA Amount; The percentage (%) will be applied, monthly, on 1/12 of the annual gross salary in the month of reference. The obligation to pay and the amount will be determined on a monthly basis.

Number of payments

Is the maximum number of effective monthly payments (54) that the student must make to the bootcamp; they do not have to be consecutive and, therefore, the maximum number of payments does not refer to a natural period of time.

Payment period

Refers to the period of time during which the student has the obligation to refer to Monthly payments under this contract. This period begins at the end of the Program, and ends on the Final Payment Date. The maximum Payment Period will have fifty-four (54) months. · 

Contract period

It begins on the Bootcamp Start Date and ends on the Final Payment Date. The maximum Contract Period would be fifty-seven (57) months, which includes the Payment Period and the three (3) months of the Program