Increase enrollment by offering custom student financing with Quotanda

Make education more affordable with in-house student financing options

Quotanda provides the technology and manages the whole process
Student Loan Origination

Custom loan origination process: define underwriting criteria and document verification, automated contract generation, e-signature. Process to onboard cosigners out of the box.

Student Loan Servicing

Automated statements, SMS communication, real time dashboards with portfolio performance.

Join us in expanding access to education

80% of our borrowers couldn’t pay for their studies without financing.

For 56% of borrowers, Quotanda's financing program was their only possible financing option.

Affordable education with student financing.

Fill classrooms to capacity with additional financing in-house options via loans or payment plans.

Success Stories

Ironhack is an international school with courses in Web Development and UX/UI Design in Europe, USA and LATAM.

With Quotanda, Ironhack has been able to offer financing options to their students. Having a bespoke solution in all their new locations.


“At Kodemia, we had a very important challenge, giving our students attractive financing options
Today, through Quotanda, we have achieved it. Doubling the number of students enrolled to our courses”

Leonardo Santiago - CEO & Co-founder at Kodemia

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Frequently Asked Questions

Quotanda defines the program with the school and can implement it in 2 weeks

Quotanda is an additional option for schools to enroll brilliant candidates that are not able to pay full tuition and many times get rejected by  banks.

Quotanda analyses student risk profiles admitted in the program to reduce defaults. In addition Quotanda has a professional team that services student loan portfolios with a student centric approach. In case payment can not be solved with a friendly agreement Quotanda has partnerships with collections agencies in over 100 countries.

The university or the school is the entity that offers a loan or a payment plan contract with the student. Quotanda manages the whole process so that so the school does not have to manage the loan origination and servicing of the portfolio.

When you implement a custom student financing program in house you will increase application rates, enrollment as well as cash-flow without the need of hiring additional personnel to manage the processes. Your school will have an alternative financing program for those students that get rejected by banks or scholarships and need additional financing.

The school decides with Quotanda all aspects of the program:  interest rates, maximum financing amounts and the maturity.

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