Access to Opportunity

Lack of education separates people from opportunity. Quotanda is changing that through technology that broadens access by helping schools introduce flexible, affordable financing programs for students.

Our advanced communication strategy and intuitive platform enables personalized and preventative student interaction which affords institutions measurable gains in enrollment, retention and completion. All loan programs are fully managed by Quotanda’s team of experts allowing schools to focus on what they do best – educate.


Every loan program is custom developed for each school and unique to each lender.  From zero credit payment plans to fully underwritten programs. We look beyond traditional underwriting to measure the future impact of an education.


Automated lending decisions, integrated document management, e-sign capability and program specific work-flow adjustment.  Our high security platform integrates with existing school and lender workflows to make a seamless student experience.


Loan programs and extended payment plans, portfolio structuring, management and analytics, peer to peer (P2P) and fractionalized investing options. Quotanda’s extensive flexibility bring more options than ever.


Direct access to our loan management system lets schools certify enrollment and ensure students borrow only what they need to attend and complete.  Detailed dashboards let all parties see real time program performance
Students completed
School Certification
Pending documentation
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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
– Nelson Mandela